Liberty League International Business Review – An Overview

Liberty League International was launched in 2001 by its founders Brent Payne and Shane Krider. Liberty League International Business is a part of personal development industry. The company has its headquarters in Scottsdale. The company has more than five thousand active members.

The way to get started

If you want to join the Liberty League International business, cost of joining will be between $1, 495 to $12,995. After joining, in order to remain an active member, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95.

The product line

Liberty League International business mainly offers a three-tiered product line in the sphere of personal development. The Beyond Freedom Program is the company’s first product. It offers an exhaustive multi- media course in the self development genre. The course is equipped with CDs, DVDs, journals and workbooks aimed at imparting you with the knowledge to work towards self-development. The application of effective means to perceive a steady personal growth and development can be well understood via the books and CDs.

The second product offered by Liberty League International Business is the Liberty Conference. The high-profile conference is held twice a year in great locations. The focus of these two conferences is to provide adequate guidance and training to the people seeking for help in the sphere of self-development. The conferences bring together many erudite lecturers who offer help and assistance to the people to imbue in them confidence, enriching them with knowledge about self development.

The Summit Conference is the third product and the biggest opportunity provided to the people to learn more about self development. They can also clear their doubts and queries pertaining to self development. This conference is held as the ultimate one arranged by the company. Scholars, authors, eloquent lecturers who are expertise in the field of personal development are the major attractions of this conference. They share their knowledge and expertise with the people.

The compensation plan

The compensation plan is well sketched out. To earn profit, you will have to purchase the products. To become the Advisor of Beyond Freedom, either you have to make and transfer 5 sales to your sponsor or buy the product. If you buy the product, you would just have to pass up two sales. After passing up the two sales, you will be able to make a profit of $1000 from every Beyond Freedom sale that you make.

To become a Liberty Advisor, you need to be Beyond Freedom Advisor first. Then you have to give two sales to your sponsor and buy the ticket of Liberty Conference to be the Liberty Advisor. The commission on the conference ticket is $5000.

The procedure to be the Summit Advisor is the same. Be a qualified Beyond Freedom and Liberty Advisor, and pass up two sales to your sponsor. Buy the ticket of the Summit Conference and be the Advisor. The commission offered on the ticket is $8000.

Customer assistance

Liberty League International business in order to ensure a satisfying bond with the customers provides help via telephone and e-mail.

Max International Business Review

Max International, a network marketing company, was launched in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2006. The founders of this company are Greg Fulton, Fred Ninow and Kevin Scott. The company has enlisted itself as a part of the health and fitness industry. It is known to make top-quality health and wellness nutritional products to cater to the needs of the people. The products are to be marketed well by the distributors of Max International Business. The company was launched with the aim to provide high standard products consisting of good quality ingredients.

The array of products

Max International offers a range of nutritional supplements and MAXGXL is regarded as its flagship product. It is a supplement that empowers the body with a good dose of glutathione, effectively controlling the body’s production of glutathione. By slowing down the rate of glutathione production in the body, the supplement acts as a cardiovascular support, providing more tenacity to the immune system. A person is infused with lots of energy. He becomes animated with his concentration increasing manifold.

Max N-Fuse, a nutritional supplement, containing a fine blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals, is a popular product. It activates our cells to carry out the cellular functions efficiently.

Another product which is popular among the potential consumers is the weight loss supplement, Max WLX. This supplement delivers celeptin, a hormone, which acts as the communicator in transferring the message directly to the brain to make a person know that he had his fill and cannot eat anymore.

The compensation plan

No other network marketing company can provide so much profit to the distributors other than Max International. You can start your business relationship with the company with $49 at one level or with $559 at the other level. The distributors receive a handsome twenty-five percent discount on retail. The distributors are also entitled to get different sorts of discounts for marketing and selling the products when they scale up different levels in the business.

Max International has a hybrid binary compensation plan. In this model, the downlines, or the new associates that you recruit for the business organization, need to work hard to have regular sales. The increase and decrease of the overall commissions of the distributors depend on the sales of their downline.

The procedure to make money and establish the company’s credibility

The best way that you can earn profit is by buying the products at wholesale prices and selling them at the retail price. As distributors you need to recruit people to the organization, build a long chain of downline. By using the products yourself you can expose the potentiality of Max International Business to the new associates and prospective recruits. The money-back guarantee in case of joining or buying products acts as a great stimulus for Max International Business to flourish.

The bonus

Max International Business rewards the most efficient person working to help the company grow, on a monthly basis via Global Bonus pool. The other perks offered by the company are on the bonuses on car, travel, health insurance, wholesale, retail and other areas.

Arbonne International Business Review

Arbonne International came into the professional front in Switzerland in the year 1975. Then within a span of five years, in 1980, it moved to America. The company has established itself as a reliable brand earning goodwill for over thirty years now. To increase productivity and sales, Arbonne has independent distributors.

A cost-effective joining process

If you want to be a part of the Arbonne business, then you get started as a consultant spending a paltry $29. You can get the super starter kit at the cost of $65.

A varied range of products

Arbonne offers a varied range of products starting from anti-aging, baby care, cosmetics, and skin care to weight loss, aromatherapy and the like. The skin care products are well accepted by the people because of the constituents and ingredients of the products. The varied products were made in the most natural way based on botanical principles. The hypo-allergenic products became popular because they were environment friendly, safe for the environment.

Retailing products online

In order to get the facility to retail your products online, you need to spend money for buying a retail website from Arbonne International. You need to pay $120 per annum to the company. The company does not confine you within the boundaries of a specific territory unlike its competitor Avon. So you are free to retail your products to prospective consumers and reach your target market in the areas you think it fit. You can increase your local client base also.

The compensation plan

Business is aimed to make profit. The earning potential of this company is two fold. When you sell the products to the potential consumers, it generates your commission. The other option to earn is elucidated by the uni-level structure of the residual compensation plan. This calls for the use of your convincing power to get potential candidates whom you can sponsor. You need to build up a strong line of distributors. The line of distributors or the people you have sponsored can be as many as you want. The incentives that you get are performance based. There are provisions for getting bonus also when you achieve a significant goal.

The scar, though not a deep one

Arbonne International had to face the worst time when the holding company of Arbonne International filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the beginning of the year 2010. Without paying much heed to this problem, the representative of the company worked in smooth co-ordination restructuring its financial graph. The reorganization of the structures within the company under a new holding company enabled Arbonne International to be back with a bang on the financial front. Arbonne International could do away with the debts to a large extent and sorted out the financial equation with the former holding company.

Take your own decision

Individual skill, leadership qualities, the determination to do business whole-heartedly has to be there if you want to excel in Arbonne International business. No doubt Arbonne International business provides business opportunities, but whether it would work for your benefit, can be best judged by you.